Care Packages for Deployed Soldiers- Volunteer Initiative

Our team member Amanda Eubanks and her daughter have been involved in an ongoing initiative of putting together care packages for deployed service men and women.
The program recently worked with  Piney Grove Middle School (G3) DeSana Middle School to be part of their “Give Back Days”.  On two dates in May, they assisted the students with packing cookies, candy, letters to be sent to our Soldiers.  These students, parents, teachers do an amazing job of organizing projects with various non-profits to give back to the community and to teach them the importance of helping others.  They all do a wonderful job packing the cookies & boxes to perfection and the detailed letters/cards that are so very welcomed by the Troops!

The items and words of encouragement were very well received.  Your packages were delivered/redirected to the Chapel.  Sometimes they’re mixed up when we unpack and distribute them.  Please thank all who helped pack the boxes or sent cards.  I wish you could see the impact they have when service members are reminded others are praying for and thinking about them.

All the “goodies” were delicious.  Please tell Robert thanks for remembering what it’s like and for his willingness to continue serving other service members/veterans”.