Compliance with the cost accounting standards can be overwhelming and daunting to many contractors. We know the troublesome requirements in-depth and the steps to be taken in order to ensure compliance. It is important to be proactive to ensure that the cost accounting techniques you are selecting will meet those requirements in the future as well.

If things go wrong, we can also assist you in preparing cost impact statements. We confirm the cost impacts are properly calculated and that the adjustments are made only on those contracts containing the CAS clause. Cost impact statements by their nature are difficult, but we can manage the task to minimize the disruptions to your daily routines. We can help you with everything from evaluating your CAS contracting environment to settling issues with DCAA and administrative contracting process.

  • Disclosure Statement
  • Compliance Evaluations
  • Analysis and Defense of Government’s Assertion of CAS Non-Compliance
  • Preparation of Cost Impact Proposals
  • CAS Applicability Assessment

To the right-hand side, you will find some upcoming training courses and thought leadership. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, experiences, and solutions, we hope to see you at one of the following training sessions or contact us directly. You can also read our 10 essentials of cost accounting standards. 

To speak to one of our CAS experts, contact us:
T: 855-270-1402 (855-227-3343) – E: [email protected]


    If you do not see a class that fits your schedule, contact us for customized training.

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