Jean Labadini


Jean Labadini has 40 years of experience in Government contracting, 35 of which were spent with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) – retiring as the Director of the CPSR Group.

Jean has spent her post-retirement years supporting defense contractors in need of her expertise in purchasing systems pre and post CPSR, and as an instructor for the Federal Publications CPSR Course.   In her role as Director of the CPSR Group with the DCMA, Jean led the group of Procurement Analysts in performing their mission to review contractor purchasing systems. Jean personally participated in reviews; developed and provided training to each of the CPSR Hub sites; drafted a Guide to Planning and Conducting CPSRs, and DCMA Work Instructions associated with Advance Notification and Consent. Jean has also served as an Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO), a Divisional Administrative Contracting Officer (DACO), and a Systems Administrative Contracting Officer (SACO).

Jean maintains expert level knowledge in acquisition regulations (FAR, DFARS) and is knowledgeable in Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). She has extensive experience in contract negotiations and in conducting business system adequacy determinations. Jean is well versed in DCMA tools (MOCAS, SDW, CAFU) and has performed cradle to grave contract management – from contract receipt/review to contract closeout. Jean has administered contract financing provisions associated with progress payments and public vouchers.

Jean also held District and Division Staff positions, such as Procurement Analyst (where she conducted CPSRs), Subject Matter Expert, and Process Owner/Process Manager for various contract management actions.  As a Procurement Analyst and Team Captain, Jean conducted a number of reviews to determine and report on the health of qualifying contractor purchasing systems. In the Staff capacity, Jean was responsible for performing staff assistance visits, assessing contract management office (CMO) performance, and developing and delivering tailored training designed to improve performance shortfalls. Jean has performed considerable data analysis and targeted performance trends for action.

During her time at DCMA, Jean was a certified DCMA trainer and delivered Agency contracted training material on Advance Payments, Progress Payments, Performance-Based Payments, Public Vouchers, and Commercial Item Financing.