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ERP Series: Before, During, & After - Preparing for the Unknown

March 15, 2023

New to ERP Implementations?

Everyone has lived through or heard horror stories of implementing a new ERP system.  The risks and challenges are real.  What makes the venture worthwhile is the business benefits on the other side of the investment, a modern system, streamlined processes, and insightful business intelligence.  Keeping that ideal end-state in mind is critical to planning and executing a successful implementation.

ERP Webinar Series

This webinar will outline the complexities, nuances, challenges, and solutions to an ever-evolving, necessary, step in growing a business. Watch on-demand previous webinars or Register for upcoming ones.

Session 1: What to Expect During the ERP Solicitation and Implementation Process - On-Demand

Session 2: ERP Implementation Planning - Part 1 - On Demand

Session 3: ERP Implementation Planning - Part 2 - 05/11/2023 - Register

Session 4: Process Improvement Strategy - 06/13/2023 - Register

Session 5: Vendors, Demos, RFP - 07/13/2023 - Register

Session 6: Reporting & Dashboards - Part 1 - 08/16/2023 - Register

Session 7: Reporting & Dashboards - Part 2 - 09/14/2023 - Register

Session 8: Implementation - 10/16/2023 - Register

Session 9: Post Go-Live - 11/08/2023 - Register

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