CPSR 360: Part Two–Newsworthy CPSR Updates

By: Chase Kunk, Vice President, Contracts & Procurement and Michael Carter, Senior Consultant

In December 2016, we released CPSR 360: Part One – Insights from Our Recent CPSR Experiences, which outlined several high-risk procurement file documentation areas we continue to see are a challenge for contractors. As expected, DCMA CPSR teams have been detecting these same documentation noncompliances in their reviews, capturing these deficiencies in CPSR Reports and ultimately triggering DCMA-issued corrective action requests to contractors.

In Part Two, we are exploring some noteworthy changes out of DCMA’s CPSR Group. These changes have been implemented throughout calendar year 2016, with some being revisited and refined by DCMA, and affect all contractors who may be subject to a CPSR.

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