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Are your executives receiving the financial information they need easily and consistently?
Are you struggling to pull information for your auditors from your system?
Are end users struggling with data output from canned reports?
Is reconciling the general ledger to the project ledger a painful process each month?
Are you struggling to identify costing issues in WIP, finished goods, and COGS?
Do you need better insights into PO commitments and actual spend?

Costpoint Analytics & Business Intelligence 

Imagine a world where Costpoint Business Intelligence formerly (CER) is readily available at your fingertips to quickly measure the performance of your organization. Deltek Costpoint BI offers a secure, dynamic, and intuitive environment with visibility into all project levels so you can analyze and communicate the story of your data, at any level. In addition, you’re empowered to deliver predictive insights and increase the accuracy of your reporting to meet real-time demands. This gives you the power of augmented analytics to create a shared, consistent view of your business.

Whether you are utilizing Costpoint BI or another ERP system, the standard or canned reports provided may not meet your business needs. Perhaps you need the ability to refine a particular data set to drill into a handful of specific accounts. Or you need to be able to generate consistent reports that meet the needs of your auditors. Maybe you spend too much time reconciling accounts at the end of each month.

What is Business Intelligence Consulting?

Our Business Intelligence Consultants can assist in streamlining reporting to provide the required data for analyzing your business efficiently; assistance can range from project management to executive leadership. The Business Intelligence Consultants at Capital Edge can provide end users ranging from accounts payable administrators through executive leadership easy access to the information needed to efficiently perform their essential job functions and make data based decisions. 

What is Costpoint BI?

Costpoint BI is more than just reports and dashboards, it offers full business intelligence capabilities. Costpoint BI allows you to visualize your data and have all the information you need about your projects at your fingertips.

Costpoint BI’s flexible environment adds ease and creativity to reporting while enhancing the project management process. Also, with Costpoint BI (powered by IBM’s Cognos Analytics), you can easily monitor your projects and accurately control costs

Additional Thoughts and comments:

As a business leader, the types of information that are necessary to manage performance either business wide or across specific programs can be relatively basic. However, the effort needed to extract this information in a way that is easily digestible from your system can be difficult. 

Support every phase of your analytics journey – Costpoint delivers a comprehensive suite of BI and analytics solutions, powered by IBM’s Cognos Analytics to support data-driven decisions, so you can get the answers you need, in real-time. Our consultants can help you maximize the power of these solutions.

Are you struggling to pull information for your auditors from your system?

Our Business Intelligence experts have the knowledge and experience to develop and automate reports that pull the exact data auditors are looking for, reducing the time it takes for you to collect and compile data for auditors to analyze. We routinely create simplified reports focused in areas such as GL details, purchase orders, and accounts receivable. 

Are your executives receiving the financial information they need easily and consistently?

We develop Costpoint dashboards and reports that will satisfy the needs of your business leaders. Our expertise is knowing what information is needed for each level of management and we provide the specific data points necessary for quick analysis and making strategic business decisions. This customized Costpoint dashboard capability provides strategic summary level information at the tip of a finger. We also incorporate drill down functionality whenever possible for seamless access to the details.   

Do you have a communication barrier with your report writer?

Many report writers struggle to understand the financial or business terminology used by end users. It is this communication barrier that poses a major challenge when translating report components to technical requirements. 

Our experts direct their functional experience to focus on understanding a client’s business and the specific purpose of each individual report. This step at the beginning of an engagement is an integral part of our success. By understanding the business needs of each report and the manipulation needed outside of the Costpoint system to analyze the data, our experts are able to translate the requirements into reports that are streamlined and minimize the manual effort needed once the data is exported out of the system. 

Are end users struggling with data output from canned reports?

Nearly all ERP systems are implemented with a number of out-of-the box or canned reports. However, many organizations may want to see the same or similar data depicted in another manner.  Examples include a need for filtering, comparison data, and drilldown capability.

Our consultants have proven industry experience in streamlining reporting processes, and the ability to generate simplified queries with the exact data points needed for efficient business analysis. These streamlined reports allow our clients to spend less time reconciling and more time analyzing and focusing on growth.  

Is reconciling the general ledger to the project ledger a painful process each month?

Does your finance team spend a great deal of time running a series of reports only to spend more time manipulating the data in Excel to reconcile the books each month? Is the month end close process too long? Do you struggle to easily identify variances between the general ledger and the project ledgers? These are just some of the areas of frustration that many organizations experience on a monthly basis.     

We are well versed in developing reports to streamline the process and ensure smooth sailing at month end. This includes reports that quickly identify discrepancies between your General Ledger and Project Ledger without the need to completely reformat data output before the analysis can begin. Sample reports routinely requested by our clients include a comparison of the Project Ledger to the General Ledger, Trial Balance by Project, and a GL Details Report. Each of the reports we provide is customized to our clients’ specific needs. 

Are you struggling to identify costing issues in WIP, finished goods, and COGS?

Project, account, and department structures drive the capture of cost data. If this structure is not properly configured in your system or the data input does not require all the information necessary to properly capture costs in the way management needs to see it, data output will be problematic. Inventory management configuration and operations processes also deeply affect WIP costing. 

Our experts have immense experience pulling the data together in comprehensive dashboards with intuitive drill-down capabilities to analyze results.

Do you need better insights into PO commitments and actual spend?

Master data management (vendor master, item master in particular) are critical to support data aggregation for Supply Chain analytics. Coding of commodities, part types, part classes, NAICs codes and others provide attributes to support analytics. Poor management of codes hampers analytics. Commitment analysis and control is made possible by driving all purchases (p-card, punchout, subcontracts, blanket agreements, regular POs) through a consolidated system. 

Our consultants are versed in compiling all this data together both detailed and summary level reports and dashboards with integrated drill-down capabilities. This data output allows our clients to easily and consistently review the information needed to successfully execute at the program level and across the organization.  

Our Expertise

Michael Brandt-Morrow is a Manager with Capital Edge Consulting, Inc., and has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing reporting solutions to support a variety of business areas and functions including Finance, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Payroll, and Manufacturing. Michael excels at providing in depth analysis to understand client requirements to support their business objectives.  He has the ability to identify synergies in process and systems resulting in delivery of solutions that increase revenue and build incremental revenue streams.

Throughout Michael’s career he has consistently demonstrated the ability to assist clients in becoming more effective and efficient in data-based decision making by integrating Business Intelligence Technologies to support their strategic plans.  Prior to joining Capital Edge in 2020, Michael spent a number of years as a Principal Consultant at Deltek, implementing and supporting Costpoint Business Intelligence (Cognos).

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