Care Packages for Deployed Soldiers- Volunteer Initiative

Our team member Amanda Eubanks and her daughter have been involved in an ongoing initiative of putting together care packages for deployed service men and women.
The program recently worked with  Piney Grove Middle School (G3) DeSana Middle School to be part of their “Give Back Days”.  On two dates in May, they assisted the students with packing cookies, candy, letters to be sent to our Soldiers.  These students, parents, teachers do an amazing job of organizing projects with various non-profits to give back to the community and to teach them the importance of helping others.  They all do a wonderful job packing the cookies & boxes to perfection and the detailed letters/cards that are so very welcomed by the Troops!

The items and words of encouragement were very well received.  Your packages were delivered/redirected to the Chapel.  Sometimes they’re mixed up when we unpack and distribute them.  Please thank all who helped pack the boxes or sent cards.  I wish you could see the impact they have when service members are reminded others are praying for and thinking about them.

All the “goodies” were delicious.  Please tell Robert thanks for remembering what it’s like and for his willingness to continue serving other service members/veterans”.

Soldiers’ Angels – Baby Brigade – Volunteer Initiative

Soldiers' Angels Baby Brigade

Our team members Jennifer Rettelle and Renata Walsh are regular supports of Soldiers’ Angels – Baby Brigade, formerly called Operation Top Knot. This team that provides virtual baby showers for military families to help ease the emotional and financial stresses of military life.

Due to the difficulty of deployments that coincide with the birth of a child, Baby Brigade is primarily focused on serving expectant spouses of deployed service members and spouses of deployed service members who have given birth in the past year. Baby Brigade also serves expectant active duty female service members.

Baby Brigade is focused on supporting the families at home while they are separated from their deployed family member. Our dedicated Team Angels shop for baby items to help the military family prepare for their new little bundle of joy. Many other Team Angels put their personal sewing and crafting talents to use and lovingly create handmade baby gifts such as baby blankets and booties.

Each new/expectant mother will receive a virtual baby shower from Angels across the country.

Do you know a military family Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade should help? To receive Baby Brigade support, a family must: 1) Have a deployed parent or be an active duty female service member AND 2) be expecting a child OR have a child under the age of one.

How You Can Help

Get Involved! To join Soldiers’ Angels and participate in the Baby Brigade Team click here to get started!

Capital Edge Announces Sponsorship of Federal Publications Seminars Premier Weeklong Conferences

Capital Edge Continues Commitment to Educating Government Contractors through Sponsorship of Federal Publications Annual Premier Weeklong Conferences

McLean, VA – May 06, 2019 – Capital Edge Consulting, Inc., a global consulting firm that specializes in helping federal government contractors solve complex business problems, is pleased to announce company sponsorship of Federal Publications Seminars premier conferences including, La Jolla Government Contracts Week, Hilton Head Government Contracts Week and Las Vegas Government Contracts Week.

“This sponsorship is an extension of our partnership with Federal Publications Seminars. Our team has been actively instructing courses with them for many years, and this sponsorship is a continuation of our commitment to support government contractors. Partnering with a proven leader of unparalleled industry knowledge known for providing high-quality courses and materials for government contracting professionals, was our first choice,” said Chad Braley, Founder and Managing Partner of Capital Edge.“We know that participants of the premier conferences, as well as the clients who use Federal Publication Seminars’ continuing training resources, leave training with a wealth of knowledge thanks to their high standards.”

“Capital Edge Consulting brings a powerful lens through which to look at the complex world of government contracting, and we believe the instruction and insight they provide to classes during weeklong conferences enriches the sound educational content we provide to our clients,” said Andy King, President of Federal Publications Seminars. “With our combined history as leaders in FAR compliance, DCAA Audit preparation, training and education, we are excited to partner in order to further enhance learning outcomes for our weeklong conference attendees.”

Capital Edge Consultants will be instructors for a dozen classes this year including:

  • A Practical Guide to the Incurred Cost Submission (ICS) a 2-day workshop provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to the preparation and development of the Incurred Cost Submission (ICS).
  • Price and Cost Realism in Government Contracting will provide an explanation of the cost and pricing techniques, requirements and rules that impact the preparation, and evaluation of contract cost proposals.
  • DCAA Contractor Business Systems and Internal Controls will consist of an examination of the characteristics of adequate business systems relevant to compliant accounting and management systems required for Government contracts.
  • Contractors’ Purchasing Systems Review will provide what Prime Contractors and Subcontractors must know about compliant Contractor Purchasing Systems and Contractor Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Estimating Systems and Defective Pricing will focus on implementing and maintaining an adequate estimating system to take a proactive posture to defective pricing prevention.
  • Preparing Effective Proposals covers a step-by-step analysis of the proposal preparation and source selection processes — from both the contractor and Government perspective.
  • Government Contract Purchasing and Subcontracting addresses U.S. Government contractor requirements related to letting subcontracts under government prime contracts and Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) compliance.
  • Advanced Cost Analysis in Government Contracts provides a working level understanding of Cost Analysis through a thorough review and analysis of the regulations and illustrated through a variety of real-world examples, scenarios and case studies.
  • Advanced Contractors’ Purchasing Systems Review will build on basic knowledge of CPSR. Discussion will focus on the challenges, issues and updates to requirements. It provides expert insight and detail through classroom discussion on risks and remedies before and after the review is completed.

Federal Publications weeklong training conferences in particular, immerse attendees in critical topics that impact the way they manage contracting activities. Premier business law and government specialists lead classes sharing their expertise in terms participants will understand and apply to daily contracting activities. Their classes are tailored with the specific information attendees need to conduct business and earn continuing education credits as they learn about contract strategy, crucial compliance issues, and industry trends. At the end of the week-long trainings, they leave equipped to succeed amid constant regulatory changes.

For more information about Federal Publications Seminars’ Weeklong Conferences, visit them online: https://www.fedpubseminars.com/Schedule/

About Federal Publications Seminars

Federal Publications Seminars has been the leading provider of government contracts training for over 60 years. They offer hundreds of public and online courses – all with the goal of providing clients with solid, comprehensive opportunities to get up-to-date on topics that are of critical importance to their government contracting activities. They also offer the cost-effective option of on-site training. Courses and materials are continually refined to provide accurate, concise information from solid fundamentals examining core principals to highly technical analysis of specific subjects and issues. Federal Publications Seminars instructors are nationally recognized leaders in the government contracting industry. They are not only experts in their subject areas but are proven educators able to communicate the material in terms you can effectively relate to your individual operations.

For more information, visit:   www.fedpubseminars.com or call 888-494-3696.

About Capital Edge Consulting, Inc.

Capital Edge consultants combine their unique backgrounds and experience in consulting, public accounting, industry, DCAA, and DCMA to provide clients with unmatched government contracting expertise. This breadth and depth of specialized experience enables Capital Edge to provide the exact services and level of expertise federal government contractors need to succeed. Capital Edge has worked with government contractors ranging in size from startup to Fortune 100 companies in industries such as manufacturing, nuclear energy, professional services, biotech/pharmaceuticals, defense, and software.

To learn more about Capital Edge Consulting, Inc., visit http://www.CapitalEdgeConsulting.com

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Staff Discussion Paper on Conformance of the Cost Accounting Standards to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Federal Register Update- Notice by the Management and Budget Office

▶️Cost Accounting Standards Board link to a Staff Discussion Paper on the Conformance of the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) with a request for public comments.

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FARSite’s useful features may be incorporated into Acquisition.gov

In the initial announcement of FARSITE changes, there was no word about whether the FARSite’s capability to simultaneously search both the FAR and individual agency FAR supplements would be part of the transition.  This feature is especially useful when researching the application of a specific FAR provision or clause in a particular agency’s solicitation or contract.  Also unclear was whether Class Deviations to the FAR, currently shown in context with FAR provisions and clauses on the FARSite, would be integrated into Acquisition.gov.

Now, it appears that both of these helpful features will be part of the “new” Acquisition.gov when it debuts on Oct. 1st.

Last week, the FARSite posted this message on its home page:

We will continue making updates to FARSite until the new capability is ready for full deployment at which time you’ll be able to access the new system by going to Acquisition.gov.  More exact dates and information will be provided once the prototype is nearing completion.  During prototype testing, the AF will have full transparency into ensuring the new site provides the existing capabilities as the current FARSite.”

The last sentence of the statement implies that the popular features and functions of the FARSite will be integrated into Acquisition.gov.  At present, Acquisition.gov offers neither the ability to search the FAR and FAR supplements simultaneously nor the ability to identify Class Deviations as a part of FAR searches.

Incidentally, while Acquisition.gov was initially silent about the merger with the FARSite, GSA posted this announcement on Friday:

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Air Force (USAF), and Defense Acquisition University (DAU) are partnering to reduce duplication and make it easier to electronically access acquisition regulations. The USAF website for supplemental regulations, FARSite.hill.af.mil, will be transitioned to GSA’s acquisition.gov by September 30, 2019.  Acquisition professionals and vendors will then have a single website to access and search the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and supplemental regulations.  For additional questions, please contact the website administrator.

While GSA’s announcement offers no specific assurances that FARSite’s unique functionality will be a part of the transition, we’re counting on the FARSite’s assurances that “… the new site [will provide] the existing capabilities as the current FARSite.”  After all, the latest usage statistics available show that while all military branches make up the majority of the users of the FARSite, visitors from GSA itself and Lockheed Martin are among the top 25 user groups.  There’s no questioning the FARSite’s popularity; since its inception in mid-1996, it has been accessed 2.3 billion times.

Bottom line: There are a lot of people depending on the Air Force and the GSA to get this merger right.

Source Article The Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech

Capital Edge Launches New Initiative – Many Hands Make an Impact

Capital Edge continues commitment to Individual and corporate sponsored volunteerism in the communities where team members live and work

McLean, VA – February 11, 2019 – Capital Edge Consulting, Inc., a global consulting firm that specializes in helping federal government contractors solve complex business problems, recently announced their company 2019 volunteer initiative – Many Hands Make an Impact.

After supporting the local Ronald McDonald House in Fairfax, VA a year ago, there was a strong desire from team members to continue similar efforts with the support of senior leadership to promote philanthropy.

“The roll out of the Many Hands Make an Impact Initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to corporate-sponsored and individual volunteerism in the communities where we live and work,” said Chad Braley, Founder, CEO, and Partner of Capital Edge. “It is our goal as a company to make an impact in local communities through volunteerism and supporting our employees will assure we build a stronger community.” He went on to say.

The goal of the Many Hands Make an Impact program is intended to support employee involvement with an opportunity that is personal, whether it is within their own community or with a cause that resonates with them. Recent surveys reveal that employees who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are more likely to be dedicated and fulfilled, as compared to those who rarely or never volunteer. This program will serve the community while supporting employee culture.

Capital Edge opened the program with an initiative supporting Loudoun Hunger Relief. For 26 years, Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) has served as Loudoun County’s primary emergency food pantry, providing food assistance to the hungry and food insecure. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that no one in Loudoun County goes hungry. The Capital Edge team packed bags of perishable and non-perishable food for 200+ families at a popup market to support people impacted by the partial government shutdown as well as others in need the local community.

The company plans to roll out several volunteer initiatives and build momentum in 2019 for the Many Hands Make an Impact Program.

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About Capital Edge Consulting, Inc.

Capital Edge consultants combine their unique backgrounds and experience in consulting, public accounting, industry, DCAA and DCMA to provide clients with unmatched government contracting expertise. This breadth and depth of specialized experience enables Capital Edge to provide the exact services and level of expertise federal government contractors need to succeed. Capital Edge has worked with government contractors ranging in size from startup to Fortune 100 companies in industries such as manufacturing, nuclear energy, professional services, biotech/pharmaceuticals, defense, and software.

To learn more about Capital Edge Consulting, Inc., visit http://www.CapitalEdgeConsulting.com


DoD issues a final rule relating to commercial item acquisitions

By Paul M. Bailey, CPA, Managing Director and S. Chase Kunk, J.D., Vice President, Contracts & Procurement

DoD issued a final rule, published and effective today, January 31, 2018 to implement sections of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 2013, 2016 and 2018 relating to commercial item acquisitions.

About the proposed rule:

The DoD published a proposed rule in the Federal Register on August 11, 2016, to provide guidance to contracting officers for making price reasonableness determinations, promote consistency in making commercial item determinations, and expand opportunities for nontraditional defense contractors to do business with the DoD.

The final rule amends the DFARS to provide additional guidance to contracting officers and additional details on the types of ‘‘other than certified cost or pricing data’’ that offerors should include in their proposal for the purpose of determining whether proposed prices for commercial items are fair and reasonable.

Who does this affect?

This rule will apply to contractors that compete for contracts being awarded using FAR Part 15 Negotiation procedures that are valued at $750,000 or more.

Overview of the rule:

The final rule prescribes the use of a new DFARS provision 252.215–7010, to be used in lieu of FAR provision 52.215–20, Requirements for Certified Cost or Pricing Data and Data Other Than Certified Cost or Pricing Data. The new DFARS provision includes the existing requirement under FAR provision 52.215–20 for offerors to submit certified cost and pricing data and data other than certified cost or pricing data, as appropriate; further, the new DFARS provision implements a statutory exemption to the requirement for ‘‘certified cost or pricing data’’ for nontraditional defense contractors.

Finally, the rule advises contracting officers that they may presume that a prior commercial item determination made by another DoD component shall serve as a determination for subsequent procurements of such items, unless the contracting officer obtains a determination from the head of the contracting activity that the item is not commercial and the basis for that decision.

The DoD guidebooks

The DoD guidebooks for Commercial Item Determinations (Part A) and Commercial Item Pricing (Part B) were expected to be released concurrent with this final rule. The guidebooks were subject to extensive comments from industry and associations. The final rule indicates these guidebooks will be finalized to provide further guidance to contracting officers.

Executive Order 13771 & Cost Analysis

The final rule is considered to be a deregulatory action and therefore not subject to E.O. 13771, Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs. DoD has estimated the cost savings for this rule which can be accessed at www.regulations.gov, DFARS Case 2016–D006, Supporting Documents. An estimate of hours to prepare Cost or Pricing Data by business type is provided.

More on this rule:

The final rule, including discussion commentary may be accessed at: https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2018-01-31/pdf/2018-01781.pdf?

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Protected: Capital Edge Consulting Teams with Federal Publications Seminars to Present Procurement University Online and Annual Subscription Offer

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Business Systems Webinar Series with Federal Publications Seminars

The Department of Defense (DoD) issued a rule in 2012 that requires contractors to have up to 6 adequate business systems in order to comply with government contract reviews and audits.  This webinar series provides an overview and an examination of the requirements for each business system. 

 Not sure if you should attend this webinar series? 
The DoD defined “significant” deficiencies as shortcomings in the systems that materially affect the ability to rely on system generated information.  Further, the rule outlines the process for DoD to withhold 5 to 10 percent of billings under certain contracts from contractors with troubled systems.


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