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Business Systems And Internal Controls Assessment, 
Design And Implementation

We can help you design and implement compliant systems with confidence, not only for a return on investment, but for differentiating your competitive advantage.

Business system compliance and strong internal controls are key areas of focus from the government when deciding to do business with any company. Capital Edge can help you design and implement compliant systems to ensure successful execution including contract administration and program delivery. If you have systems in place all ready, Capital Edge can perform an assessment of those systems to help identify and fix any compliance gaps.

At Capital Edge, we have developed unique review and assessment tools, that streamline this process and provide for thorough and easy to understand findings and recommendations. The government has over 450 Control Activities (CA) that they have deemed necessary for your system to be considered adequate.



Select and Implement the right system faster.

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CAS Training


We have quite a few upcoming trainings that could benefit you and your team as you navigate the CAS. Check out our existing events or contact us about custom training for your business today!

About Capital Edge Consulting

Capital Edge government contract consultants support Government Contractors and Federal Grant Recipients. Our consultants specialize in the regulatory compliance matters you need.

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